“If you’re going to do it, get it right.”

July 19, 2009

House of the Raising Funds
House of the Raising Funds

I’m not going to feign surprise that Jerry Jones would construct a shamelessly gaudy temple to his own ego (that pretty well describes the Dallas Cowboys organization over the last couple of decades, amirite?), but to claim it will somehow make everyone else as rich as Jerry? That’s the ravings of either a lunatic or a shyster – you decide which:

“I could have built this for $850 million . . . And it would have been a fabulous place to play football. But this was such an opportunity for the ‘wow factor.’ ”

Yea, because in this era of billion dollar misadventures in the Mideast and trillion dollar bailouts of selected financial industries, several hundred millions is just not going to get the level of attention that Jones so desperately needs.

The final bill for the new Cowboys stadium? $1.12 billion. So that’s a difference of roughly $270 million  from the piddly $850 million bargain basement cost, and guess where Jerry got that kind of cash in order to manifest his “wow factor”?

“[Jones] said he was also sensitive to criticism that Arlington had better ways to spend its $325 million contribution from tax increases than to guarantee that Jones, a rich oilman, could get richer with more revenue from the new stadium.”

So now we’re getting to the sickening, yet sadly predictable aspect of this story: that one of the wealthiest men in America had to come to the economically strapped taxpayers of his state (which, by the way has received $787 million in Federal Stimulus funding), to beg for cash to build a new office for the richest franchise in all of professional sports. Just like Goldman-Sachs, I’m sure this will work out mostly to the benefit of the taxpayers, ain’t that right Jerry?

“Jones says [the] Cowboys Stadium will be its own stimulus package that will help ‘the country and this world’ dig out of the recession.”

Really? All evidence of any “stimulus” to local communities due to the construction of shiny new sports complexes is well off-set by the massive initial investments and the narrow infrastructural purpose of professional sports stadiums. But dig the internal megalomania of Jones’s statement – not only is he claiming what these assholes always claim (i.e., that funding massively expensive structures for professional sports teams will come back several fold for the local community), he’s also somehow promising that this stadium in Arlington, Texas is going to SAVE THE UNITED STATES & THE WORLD.

Is there any better representative of Texas’s outsized sense of self-importance other than Jerral Jones?


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