“Where do we put our trust?”

July 21, 2009

Well, Represenatitive Forbes, I choose to put my trust here, in a tangible, positivist statement of true American values, like the right to be free of the government establishment of any religion. Which is CLEARLY what President Obama stated in Turkey – that America has no state religion by constitutional dictate, therefore we are not a Christian nation anymore than we are a Bokonist nation.

We are a nation of the faithful as well as the faithless, and that diversity is honored and protected by our Constitution – not the Bible nor the Declaration of Independence (I would just love to see one of these God-Botherers go into court and attempt to argue that their rights under the Declaration of Independence have been violated). And that Constitution is upheld and enforced by people entrusted with that responsibility. Our rights were won by the blood and brains of actual people, not fanciful spirits, and they are protected and ensured today by actual people. So, excuse me if I would rather have my President honor them (over your Invisible Sky King) for the rights I enjoy.

Ugh. I’m really sick of writing about these people, but the first presidential election of a Negro Socialist seems to have drawn out the unbridled crazy. Of course, this is the common response by the American reactionary right whenever a majority of Americans pick a Democrat to run the Executive branch.

So, while I would rather be writing about stuff I actually like, I strongly believe that these Declaration of Independence fetishists need to be mercilessly exposed as the deeply unserious intellectual midgets they are until they’re all exiled to the Sarah Palin Pale Settlement with the other True Believers:

“[Eric] Hoffer also offers some insight into why the September 11th terrorists committed such horrific acts. ‘All the true believers of our time”, he wrote in 1951, “communist, nazi, fascist … declaim volubly about the decadence of the West.’ The weakness of the West, and its moral decay, were frequent themes of Osama Bin Laden’s recent video sermons. Ironically, views not dissimilar were expressed by the Reverends Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson just days after the bombings, when the former stated that secularism, homosexuality, abortion and feminism had weakened the moral fiber of the nation and made it vulnerable to attack, as well as to God’s wrath. As Hoffer so well understood, True Believers think alike, regardless of the content of their thoughts.

True Believers of all kinds share certain characteristics, including contempt for those who don’t have a holy cause themselves, and respect for fellow fanatics. Hitler and Stalin, for instance, each admired the techniques the other had used to gain and maintain absolute power, and both expressed contempt for the democratic leaders Churchill and Roosevelt. Most of all, Hoffer writes, ‘A rising mass movement attracts and holds a following not by its doctrines and promises but by the refuge it offers from the anxieties, barrenness and meaninglessness of an individual existence.’ The less control people feel they have over their lives, the more attractive the message of mass movements will be.”


And lest you think that Mr. Hoffer exaggerates when he claims that True Believers often express admiration for the abilities of dictators and fascists to “make the trains run on time“, you need to get familiar with The Family:

AlterNet writer Lindsay Beyerstein recently sat down with Jeff Sharlet at a Brooklyn coffee shop to discuss the Family.

Lindsay Beyerstein What is the Family?

Jeff Sharlet: It’s an international network of evangelical activists in government, military and business. The Family is dedicated to this idea that Christianity has gotten it all wrong for two thousand years by focusing on the poor, the suffering and the weak.

The Family says that instead, what Christians should do is minister to the up-and-out — as opposed to the down-and-out — to those that are already powerful. Because if they can win those people for Christ, they win the whole deal. That’s what this network is dedicated to. It includes nonprofit organizations, it includes think tanks, it includes various ministries.


Lindsay Beyerstein: In “The Family,” a lot of subjects explicitly state their admiration for Hitler and other authoritarian political figures. How much of that is admiring their style, and how much is admiring their substance?

Jeff Sharlet: I’d argue that there isn’t a hell of a lot of difference. I spent a lot of time living with these guys, and I remember at one point asking them, “What’s the deal with all this Hitler talk?” And they’d say, “Oh, it’s not the ends, it’s the means.” But to most of us, the means seem pretty bad, too. The means are authoritarianism.

It’s pretty close to the substance because it grows out of this very broad movement in the 1930s of elites concluding that democracy has run its course, that democracy was a temporary phase in world history. And so, these people were experimenting with all sorts of different alternatives. And remember, before World War II it was considered a perfectly legitimate and acceptable position to endorse fascism.


And who belongs to the current incarnation of The Family? Why, only seven members of the United States Congress. Watch:

And golly jeepers, lookee who else is a member of the Congressional wing of The Family:

Did you get that? Creepy piece of shit and actual elected official from Kansas, Todd Tiahrt, believes in “Totalitarian Christianity” and thinks the most pressing issue facing our country is that Muslims abort their fetuses at a much lower rate than non-Muslims. This is getting ridiculous, but he’s at least half-right.

But, despite this mountain of evidence to the contrary, Representative Forbes will continue to insist that it’s White Male Christians like him who are the greatest oppressed class in America today:


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