You cannot hide forever

July 17, 2011

Wealthy African-American entertainer sees no contradiction in treating gay Americans as second-class citizens, because of “morals”:

Irony wept:

“We have no trouble condemning slavery today, since we value a free world. We think that the freedom of all people to travel, and take up residence, and find gainful employment, along with the freedom of religion, conscience, and speech are much better values than they had in the ancient past. If that makes me a chronological snob, then so be it. In this aspect we are morally superior to people in the Bible, just like we’re scientifically superior when it comes to the superstitious practice of bloodletting.

One of evangelical’s finest, Charles Hodge, wrote a 40 paged essay titled, ‘The Bible Argument on Slavery,’ where he laid out the case on behalf of slavery just prior to the civil war. It’s a powerful case. It’s based upon the Bible, and reprinted in Cotton is King (Negro Universities Press, 1969). I have little doubt that if today’s Evangelical Christians lived in the South prior to the civil war, they too would’ve accepted his arguments because of the hermeneutical method of placing specific Biblical verses (Ex. 21:20-21) above Biblically stated principles (Gal. 3:28). [For this distinction see Willard Swartley Slavery, Sabbath, War and Women: Case Issues in Biblical Interpretation (Herald Press, 1984)]. “

Our only remaining source of moral clarity:

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